Top Cybersecurity Threats 2020


Are you an internet user? Then, you must know about the latest cybersecurity threats otherwise you can end up losing a big. It is true, new trends and advanced technologies have streamlined our life a lot.

Top Cybersecurity Threats 2020
Top Cybersecurity Threats 2020

However, we need to find out and address various loopholes, which have come unknowingly. Everything comes with a flip side and it is critical to recognize it.

Since more and more users are getting connected to the internet to do their personal as well as professional activities, chances of cyberattacks are raising. Without any ado, it is time to talk about some of the cybersecurity threats of 2020.

Personalized Phishing:

So, phishing is not a new term, is not it? However, the new part is personalization, which will make it difficult for even a professional to spot it. Nowadays, cybercriminals have become more advanced in creating an authentic-like email.

Such people reuse data from their previous successful phishing attempts. Moreover, some criminals also take the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and also acquire voice snippets to prepare advanced phishing scams. That means the trend of phishing would continue this year as well, but with a more dreadful manner.

That is why it will become critical for organizations to train their employees about spotting various advanced phishing emails.

Ransomeware Would Rise:

Ransomware would suppose to be a big threat this year. However, do you know their prime target of 2020? It is “ulnerable cloud data.” To date, ransomware had posed big threats to schools as well as healthcare providers.

Many times, victims have no other choice but to accept the specified term of their screen to continue the essential services. However, it is not a solution every time.

Nonetheless, 2020 may see cybercriminals to surpass the boundary of DoS attacks for taking advantage of vulnerabilities. For instance, the BlueKeep attacks of 2019 were almost in the same way.

Insider Threats Would Rise:

Do you know one of the prime loopholes of today’s network safety? It is employee wrongdoing. In fact, cybersecurity organizations are not protected from such threats. In 2019, one of the popular cybersecurity company employees accessed as well as sold client data illegally to a cybercriminal.

Hence, 2020 may see more and more such types of breaches. It may be targeted, a simple mistake or even intentional. That means companies must set specific guidelines to safeguard the security and protect them from all kinds of insider threats.

More Automated Attacks:

This year may also witness more number of personalized automated attacks by exploiting AI tools. Moreover, adversarial AI attacks may also be prevalent this year. It is going to be an extremely critical matter because of its efficiency.

Gone are those days when data theft supposed to be an expensive investment for the attackers. Nowadays, AI-driven hacks have become simple programming of a few lines. That means the chance is strong that criminals would try to attack the entire network. And the result can be extremely dreadful.

Top Cybersecurity Threats 2020
Top Cybersecurity Threats 2020

The Bottom Line

The above list of threats is not exhaustive. No doubt is there that you need to be very careful and extra cautious with your system! Take as much precaution as you can to ensure your system’s protection from advanced threats of 2020.

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