Public Wi-Fi: What Should You Remember?


Do you use public Wi-Fi? Then, you should definitely check this post. Nowadays, public Wi-Fi is available in many places, starting from cafes to hotels. Undoubtedly, Wi-Fi has streamlined our day-to-day tasks.

However, when it comes to a public wireless network, you should take more safety measures than a private one. Hackers find public wireless network very tempting when it is about catching easy prey. Nonetheless, this post will help you to enhance security while you use a public wireless network.

Public Wi-Fi: What Should You Remember?
Public Wi-Fi: What Should You Remember?

What Are The Types?

Usually, two variations of public wireless network are there: secured as well as unsecured. An unsecured public Wi-Fi can provide connectivity within a certain range. Moreover, it does not use any security feature, such as login.

On the contrary, a secured public wireless network calls for various safety measures like registration, password entering, and so on. Moreover, it also requires a charge or purchasing of storage to access the network.

However, irrespective of the type, it is a must to take security measures while using public Wi-Fi. Let us find out some of them now.

Tips To Use Public Wi-Fi

Always connect to secured networks, as per the availability. Even if there is no secured Wi-Fi network, at least find out one that needs registration or login.

Never access sensitive accounts or transfer confidential files on public Wi-Fi. It can pose big security threats that could hamper your financial status and reputation.

Do not leave any of your devices (laptop, mobile, or tablet) alone in any public space. Remember, negligence for even sometimes could invite unauthorized access to your system. Hence, even you are on secured Wi-Fi network, leaving your system in public places cannot protect against data or property theft.

Stay away from shopping online whenever you are on a public wireless network. Online shopping involves logging into a website and purchase of products. That means you need to enter a lot of sensitive information. Hence, do not go for online shopping in such situations to stay safe from spyware or other attacks.

Moreover, turning off automatic connectivity is also essential. Most of the devices nowadays tend to connect automatically when a Wi-Fi network is available. It actually wants to help users to shift from one hotspot to another without inconvenience. However, it can also connect your system to networks, which are not secure. Hence, it is better to turn this setting off whenever not required.

Do not forget to check your Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth is undoubtedly a great feature for transferring files. Nonetheless, leaving it on in public spaces can invite malicious attacks. Cybercriminals search for Bluetooth signals to access a device.

You can also take the help of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to ensure your anonymity and safeguard your privacy in a public wireless network. A top-notch VPN service can encrypt data that you exchange through a public wireless network. Thus, it can protect your information from hackers, using the same network.

Public Wi-Fi: What Should You Remember?
Public Wi-Fi: What Should You Remember?

The Bottom Line

Now, you know about the essential safety measures of handling public Wi-Fi. However, try to stay away from public Wi-Fi if it is not urgent for you.

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