Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2020


Nowadays, computers have covered almost every area in the world. Therefore, more and more companies have started looking for component programming candidates. It has made computer coding a lucrative career among new entrants and experienced professionals.Those days are now a part of history when pen and papers can complete a task. Today, computer programming is an integral part of developing and upgrading an organization.Different programming languages are there, however, you need to know which are in fashion in 2020. Thus, you can increase the chance of getting preference in job interviews.

Moreover, as a coding expert in multiple languages, you can apply for many roles in mobile applications, web applications, and so on. Hence, it is high time to know about some of the topmost programming languages to learn in 2020.

Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2020
Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2020

Topmost Programming Languages To Learn In 2020


Do you want to know about the best language in 2020? It is Python. Hence, you should definitely learn it. Python is an easy-to-learn, simple-to-use, and fast programming language. It contributes to developing scalable web applications.

Many topmost companies use Python as the core language for development. Moreover, Python has also come with incredible library support as well as an extensive developer community. In fact, if you are a beginner in this field, Python can be a perfect language to start your journey.


Does Java need any introduction? Certainly, it is not! If you want to make a career in programming, you must grasp the knowledge of Java. It has been constantly serving as one of the preferred choices in many companies for ages.

When it comes to creating web applications (enterprise-scale), Java comes first. Moreover, Java is a great, stable language and so it is still giving tough competition to other languages.

Are you looking for a job as a developer in a well-reputed company? Then, start learning Java from today!


Almost every programmer starts the journey with C/C++. These two languages are an integral part of the programming field. In fact, most of the low-level systems use C/C++, including file systems or operating systems.

Do you want to become a system-level programmer? Then, you should start learning these languages. Due to their speed and stability, most of the proficient programmers still use C/C++.


When it comes to front-end programming languages, programmers cannot think without JavaScript. It is a popular choice in designing interactive, user-friendly frontend applications.

For example, once you click a button, a pop-up can appear and JavaScript is used to execute this logic. Hence, if you want to become a proficient web designer, JavaScript must be there in your bucket list.

Go Programming Language

Also called “Golang,” Go programming language comes with incredible support when it comes to multithreading. Hence, many organizations are using it for distributed systems.

Some other languages that you should learn in 2020 include R programming language, Swift, PHP, C#, and MATLAB.

Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2020
Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2020

Wrapping Up

It is high time to soar high in your career and undoubtedly programming languages can create a great base for you.

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