Why use Python for Machine Learning

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Machine learning is one the of the hottest topic in the tech world everyone is excited about learning more about it.

And if you are one of them and not sure where to start and which programming language to choose as there are many programming languages then let me help you to choose one of them.

So, python is the language of my choice and below are the reasons behind choosing python for machine learning :

1) Easy To Learn:-

When you start learning any language then, the first thing you want from that language is that you should quickly be able to understand it and python is a language which is very similar to the pseudocode you use to write.

2) Wide support for machine learning library:-

Python is the language which supports various libraries for machine learning in which some of the important libraries are:-

  • PANDAS: It is one of the best libraries in python for data exploitation it provides various functions with which you could work upon easily, it also supports many file formats, and tools for visualization.
  • SKLEARN: It is the library which supports various machine learning algorithms, which can be easily applied through this library.

3) Can be Documented easily :

The Jupiter notebook is an application which helps the user to write the code and document it well with the help of markdown language.

4) Less Line of Code :

The python code you write is very less as compared to the other programming language.

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