Build your career in Machine Learning/Data Science/AI

Machine learning, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence are the terms which are related to each other and the one who wants to build a career in one of these fields should be curious where to start from and what should be the ways to build a career in these fields in a way that time took should be less and ineffective manner.

So here are some points that will help you to build a career in these fields:

1) Understand what machine Learning is:

That is the basic requirement in any field you trying to get a job, if you don’t understand the meaning of machine learning start trying to learn the basic terms of machine learning.

2) Learn some Statistics:

Statistics is one of the important basic building block of machine learning. There are many people who struggle with concepts in statistics as much as I do, as it proves that you can be a data scientist without being a statistician.

3) Learn Python:

Python is my personal choice for machine learning as it provides various tools for machine learning like pandas, numpy, sklearn, etc and python language is very easy to learn as it is very similar to the pseudocode we use to write.

4) Join Kaggle:

The slogan of Kaggle,”Home of Data Science” which is a very awesome slogan chosen by them to describe their website. There are various competitions in Kaggle which will help you to increase your knowledge and will also help you to build connection with others.

5) Youtube:

One of the best sources for learners is youtube, there are so many channels you can find which are focused on AI, Data Science, Machine Learning.

6) Online Courses:

There are many courses paid and unpaid courses which you can online on websites like Coursera, Udemy, Udacity.

These are the points which I think will be useful in building your career in one of the fields(AI, Data Science, Machine Learning). Also check other blogs of my on Guide to Machine Learning

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