Bot Attacks: Some Essential Tips To Prevent


Are you aware of IoT (Internet of Things) security? If not, you must be. Lately, cybercriminals have started victimizing IoT devices and computer systems with bot attacks.

Bot Attacks: Some Essential Tips To Prevent
Bot Attacks: Some Essential Tips To Prevent

The result can be dangerous, such as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, credential stuffing, and so on.

The matter of concern is that over 60% of the entire traffic on websites is bot traffic. Hence, you must take proper measures to stop such attacks. This post will help you.

Some More Information

Remember, bots have come in several formats. And that is why it has become essential to spot infected hosts, which can start performing malicious tasks.

On the contrary to malicious bots, legitimate bots play important roles when it comes to bringing customers to a website.

Now, it is important to know which websites are more susceptible to bot attacks. It is seen that websites with proprietary and pricing information are more vulnerable.

How To Prevent Bot Attacks?

Distinguish Between Good Bots And Bad Bots:

“Bot” is actually an umbrella term. It refers to both good and bad. Whereas bad bots tend to attack a website and pose threats, good ones contribute to the safety and efficiency of the internet.

And therefore, it is not a good idea to block each and every bot to prevent the probability of attack.

Rather, you should start classifying and enabling good bots and restricting and handling the malicious ones.

Moreover, you must introduce captcha to your website as a first line of defense. Since this step calls for human intervention, you can get some relief. However, it can hamper the user experience of your website a bit. But, it is essential for your website security against bots.

Take The Help Of the Advanced Technology:

Unfortunately, captcha solving and conventional rate liming is not enough nowadays to combat the latest bot threats. However, lots of companies have started implementing JavaScript challenges to detect the legitimacy of the source.

Moreover, you can also leverage behavioral analysis to check incoming requests. Combine this approach with device fingerprinting. As a result, you could detect infected hosts with ease. Also, it will help you to maintain a transparent operation by keeping the best browsing experience intact.

Does your website need to deal with a huge amount of traffic? Then, distributed cloud security can help you. That means irrespective of the traffic volume, you can protect your business from bots.

Use Artificial Intelligence:

Nowadays, advanced bot attackers grasp sophisticated mannerisms and copy the behavior of real users to trick safety measures.

If you have concerns about the same, you can start using machine-learning models to track inconsistencies. Advanced models can detect constantly altering bot technologies.

Some models can work at a great speed when it comes to detecting data and it is not possible manually.

Bot Attacks: Some Essential Tips To Prevent
Bot Attacks: Some Essential Tips To Prevent

Wrapping Up

As a company or website owner, you must be proactive when it comes to security. Rely more on behavioral controls rather than static measures. Now, you can combat bot attacks with ease.

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