Android Vs. iOS Security: Which Is Better?


Do you wonder about android vs. Ios security? Then, you have come to the correct place.

Those days are simply changing when hackers used to target desktop computers and laptops. Nowadays, they are more interested in smartphones as well as tablets.


Can you deny the number of mobile and tablet users is on a sharp rise? Not at all, right?

Now, it is significant to know what operation system between Android and iOS is more secure.

Are you curious?

Let us find out!

Android Vs. iOS Security: Which Is Better?
Android Vs. iOS Security: Which Is Better?

Android vs. iOS: The Level Of Threat

According to some professionals, iOS operating system (OS) of Apple is safer than Android.

However, what is the reason behind it?

Actually, Apple’s operating system comes as a closed system.

That means there is no availability of the source code to application developers. Moreover, the owners of iOS devices cannot alter the code on their own.

As a result, it becomes tougher for cybercriminals to search for security loopholes on these devices.

On the other hand, Android devices depend upon an open-source code. That means Android users can modify the operating systems of their devices.

What can be the result? Excessive modification can develop security loopholes in the security of Android devices.

Suppose, a new device gets manufactured with an alternation to the Android OS with code vulnerability. What would be the result?

Hackers would spot it easily and it could wreak havoc to the device security.

I think you can very easily realize the situation!

What Is More?

Do you know cybercriminals often prefer to target Android?


It is because a large number of devices nowadays run on Android OS. Moreover, the popularity of this operating system is on the rise around the globe.

That is why it becomes a lucrative target to hackers. As a result, Android devices are more susceptible to viruses as well as malware- the result of the attacks of cybercriminals.

It Is Not The Entire Story!

However, do not reach the conclusion now! Certainly, iOS seems to be more secure than Android. Nonetheless, it is not entirely impossible for hackers to attack iPads or iPhones.

What is the solution then?

Whether you are an Android or iOS device owner, you must know about potential security threats. The severity of viruses and malware is increasing. Therefore, you must stay careful and aware to save your devices from unauthorized access.

Are you a frequent downloader of applications from third-party app stores? Think twice before doing that. It could threat your device’s security.

What to do then

The safest way is to download and install apps from reliable sources like the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Beware Of Social Engineering Attacks

Such attacks are all about duping users to get their login credentials.

The result? Unauthorized access of personal accounts and data if attackers successfully get the information

Social engineering attacks do not depend upon the type of mobile OS. Both Android and iOS may be equally susceptible to such phishing attacks.

Android Vs. iOS Security: Which Is Better?
Android Vs. iOS Security: Which Is Better?

What Is About Hardware Integration?

Maximum security of an Android device relies on its hardware. In simple words, some manufacturers are better in ensuring the correct operation of Android’s built-in security functions.

The Bottom Line

I hope android vs. Ios was insightful for you.

Now, whichever device you are using, do not forget to practice security measures.

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